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August 30th, 2000
A reflection from the President...

Well the Y2KISS Party is over and the FAREWELL TOUR has come through Omaha and left it's residue of confetti and explosives. As usual the show was fantasic, in fact next to my first KISS concert in 1979, it was the best! I have been a devoted fan since my friend first played me the Destroyer album in 1976. I have watched the band grow to be the HOTTEST Band in the World, to taking off the make-up and becoming just another kick ass rock band, to regrouping to show the world that the rumors were true of a mystical rock show in the 70's that put all others to shame and set the standards for arena rock shows. I have seen band members come and go and come back again, I have had the chance to hang and become friends with a member of KISS (thanks Bruce!). I have never had the opportunity to meet the original 4 who have helped change my life and helped me to grow into a good person because of their direction of how life should be lived, TO THE FULLEST! Maybe someday I'll run across them and get my chance to thank them personally. Until then I can still look up at them in awe and wonder how meer mortals can conquor the world the way they did. I have been able to live my long time dream of heading up the KISS Army! (at least in Omaha and the midwest) and I thank you to all that have supported what Mary, Monica and I have attempted to do during the last year. Last night was a sad closure to me, because they are not just another rock bands calling it quits, they are KISS! And if your a true fan, you know what I mean! Thank you for being there and believing....Bear
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