August 26, 1999:
Welcome to the Show!  We are planning something big for you true KISS fans. In the works is an Official KISS sanctioned fan club right here in Omaha! The legal stuff is in the works! Watch this space for details!  E-mail us at the address below to be added to our contact list!  Keep it LOUD! 
Jonathon, Mary & Monica!
November 16, 1999:
WELCOME TO THE SHOW!  Big news!  On Monday and Tuesday, November 22nd and 23rd, I will be running the phone interview I just did with KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick at 3am each morning.  On Wednesday the 24th, I will be hosting an hour long tribute to the late Eric Carr.  The tribute starts at 3 am.  Prizes will be given out like copies of "Tale of the Fox" video on Eric's life, the CD "Rockology" that Eric and Bruce did outside of their time in KISS.  Other prizes will be included.  Want to know how to win the prizes?  E-mail me at or listen to my radio show!  Special thanks goes out to Loretta Caravallo (Eric's sister), Bruce Kulick and David Snowden at!!!  Tell your friends to listen live on the web at
December 1, 1999:
Uploaded the first batch of KISS Army photos!  Check them out HERE.
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